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Heads up on some MY11 Problems

VRStu Nov 6, 2010

  1. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User


    Just a couple of issues I have with my car which may help others.

    Open Sky roof - Very very rattly, it has been in the dealers for a week now and still no resolution. Latest advice from Audi is to exchange the seals. If that doesn't work then the roof has to come out.

    Wheel/car vibrations - Symptoms are that you'll feel a bit of vibration especially at 75mph but also once you realise it's doing it you'll feel it at most speeds. It does also seem to vary with the road surface and also lessens as the tyres warm up. First dealership failed, second and much better dealership identified mis-shaped tyres. There is a TSB about it and if you google it seems to be a real problem from A5 owners. Upshot is the original tyres (Bridgestone Potenza RE050) appear to be susceptible to damage when the vehicle is left parked. TSB has some frankly ridiculous procedure requiring the tyres to be 10 PSi over inflated, the car to be driven for 30km's at speeds up to 130km's/hr to heat the tyres before rushing back to the workshop lifting the car to get the wheels off before they cool down and balancing them. About 3/4's of the way down it says if this fails replace the tyres. Some pressure from me to Audi UK and as I said a very helpful dealership has meant an advance to plan B and all 4 tyres replaced with Michelin Pilot Sport 3's.

    Hope this helps someone.
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  3. kkp0897

    kkp0897 Registered User

    Hi Stu,

    Sorry to hear about all the problems. My OpenSky creaked at first but has either lessened or become silent noise over the 12months I've had mine.

    Never had problems with Bridgestones, presumably they have tried to rebalance them wheels or swap front to rear. Could it be a warped alloy wheel? Given the choice, I would've prefered Bridgestones on mine but it came, as standard, with Conti's Sport Contact 3s.

    Good Luck, KKP
    PS - Which dealership are you using?
  4. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    The tyres were totally out of shape apparently. They had been balanced before but to no avail. They've fitted the new tyres and assure me all is well now.

    The roof seems to be baffling them a bit, they said they know how to make it worse but not stop it.
  5. sub39h

    sub39h Registered User

    ... i think this should be a trigger for the early release of the next gen A3. obviously they can't deal with the high demand and they're messing up on quality control. Audis are meant to be bombproof, and this kind of thing is becoming more and more common and will only damage their image.

    if i were Audi i'd much sooner lose profit by not selling cars that aren't built properly than lose their hard earned reputation by flogging tat.

    best of luck with the issues anyways.

    keep us posted.

  6. fforeggub

    fforeggub Registered User

    I don't think next A3 is anywhere in sight. Dealer confirmed our BE is Build week 7 after originally being Week 40! The New A3 is MT 2012 so will probably be announced Set/Oct 2011 with UK deliveries of a few models in early 2012. Don't expect the full range though, as it typical with Audi the model I tend to want isn't one of the launch range!

    The wheel wobble on A5's was apparently down to 2 issues , Firstly a dodgy batch of 19in Y spoke alloys (now resolved) and the tyre issue mentioned above. Fingers crossed our new BE will have Michelins!

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