heads up on Falken Azenis FK510 - damm good


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Just had my suspension replaced under warranty and whilst there the technician noted that my front 2 pilot4 s tyres were just about road legal which came as a massive shock as i only had them in January 2019. Back 2 had a couple of MM left.

spoke to dealer who offered me a choice of the usual suspects and also mentioned that he had replaced a couple of S4's with Falken FK510's which he found were very decent.

they were significantly cheaper than the pilots4's .

anyway got them fitted and driving home today on a typical wet and frosty day found them to be very good. No difference in fact that the pilot 4's

i assume the pilot s4's will be better on track type conditions but for me going onwards i wont be using the pilots again and will probably stick with these falkens


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£124 for my car seems reasonable enough, Falken's were considered to be a budget tyre in the past but maybe they're aiming higher these days. Please keep us informed about the performance of the tyres, road noise etc...


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I know this is the wrong place for this but I have 1 in a 245/35/19, I don’t need it and it has only done 100 miles.

I’m open to any sensible offers if anyone needs it.

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Yup, got 4 of these earlier in the year. Prefer them to the Goodyear Eagle F1’s they replaced.