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Headliner project

Stevie170 Nov 18, 2017

  1. Stevie170

    Stevie170 Member

    Hey all, I'm wanting to do a project on my car and if it works, start adding it as a product/service to my busniess.

    I need someone local to me (north east UK) who is confident at removing and refiting headliners.

    The headliners in question would have a fibre optic starry effect designed and installed by myself.

    I done one for my A4 B7 but never got round to fitting it. Its a little cheesy, I'd probably only do a random starry sky effect in my B8.5 avant.

    The problem is I have no clue at fitting them. Hence the need of some help.

    I'd appreciate any pointers as to who to get in touch with who may be able to help and also if this should be posted somewhere else let me know please.


    Ps. Tried to upload photos but files are to large, can you post links? Here's drop box if it let's you... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mrbb6yi4if5khhz/AADsOfEux5F441w4gAPJaG3ga?dl=0
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  3. A4 geordie

    A4 geordie Member

    what kit are you using ?

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