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I have an A3 TDI sport 150 and want to change the headlights too xenon ones with the LED DRL's is this just a case of swapping headlights over or is it more in depth? Thanks in advance


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I think you need the correct wire harness too, if you want it done 'properly' and for the sake of all the keyboard warriors out there - you'll need to add washer to your front bumper and auto levelling.

To answer your question, yes the xenons are the same shape and should just fit without any brackets of modification, you may need the correct wire harness and possibly vcds coding.
I've not spoken or met anyone whos done it but thats what I know.


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VCDS Coding = 100% needed

I was contacted via Facebook by a guy who was in the middle of this retrofit and stuck. He thought all he needed was the correct coding but it turned out he was doing all the rewiring himself and had it all messed up as it's not straight forward. He ended up driving down from Leeds to see me in London to get it sorted out :)

If you are planning on doing this retrofit make sure you source / use an aftermarket harness unless you know your way around and have access to current flow diagrams.