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Headlights and interior lights turning off and on

Cerbrus2 Feb 21, 2020

  1. Cerbrus2

    Cerbrus2 New Member

    Hi guys, my car has developed a nice new issue, where the headlights started flickering on and off wile driving at night.
    Also when I pulled over to check for any loose wires etc, with the engine running bit headlights turned off. I noticed the handbreak light would flicker so.etime as well, and sometimes the warning light for the roof will flash on and off as well.

    Possibly a bag of worms trying to track down the issue, so thought I would see if anyone else has had this, and ideas of were to start.


    2004 A4 B6 1.8t Cabriolet
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  3. Prodigium

    Prodigium I equally love and hate German engineering

    In what positions is your light switch? I have a few bugs on mine but are not that serious so I've never taken a closer look.
    1. When switch is on night mode and you turn off the engine all interior lights and position lights start to flicker.
    2. When light switch is in normal position (no hi beams) while engine is running you open and close front passenger's doors and when the internal lights shuts off you have working hi beam.
    I have no idea what is causing this ...
  4. Cerbrus2

    Cerbrus2 New Member

    Mine seems to be an electrical fault now, as I had the wipers on, and everytime the lights went out the wipers also stopped.

    The strange thing is that with the engine off, and just the ignition on, everything is fine. As soon as the engine starts, the problems start. Even though the engine itself doesn't skip a beat.

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