Headlight washer jet failures


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This applies to all B8s, including A5/S5/RS5 - I'm posting here since its the most popular B8 forum.

I am getting my offside headlight washer jet replaced under warranty and am considering paying to have the nearside one replaced at the same time whilst the bumper is off. So to help me assess the reliability and make a decision, please can any B8 owner who has had theirs replaced let me know which one, and at what car age/mileage? Thanks in advance.


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The pop out type inc the cap (not the flap ones) are pretty reliable - I had one replaced on my old B8 but I think that was due to damage when the bumper was replaced. It's just a spring and o ring so not much can go wrong......unless you don't have the correct antifreeze mixture which can knacker them.

The flap type are a pain, but that's not the fault of the jet!