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Headlight upgrade

Bunson 1 Apr 9, 2018

  1. Bunson 1

    Bunson 1 New Member

    Hi Guys probably a bit of a trivial question but I want to get better bulbs for headlights but just want to plug them in no wires or boxes to change just a straight swap any suggestion would be gratefully received .
    Oh car is an 05 plate A6 Allroad 2.5 tdi Quattro Thanks again.
  2. S2dicky

    S2dicky New Member

    Have you got Xenons or not at the moment?

    I have the same car and have tried all sorts to get better light. I have finally bitten the bullet and have rebuilt two complete units with new bi xenon projectors and new xenon bulbs I am hoping this will fix it.

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  3. Bunson 1

    Bunson 1 New Member

    I think they are just halogen , That doesn't sound good, is there a headlight unit from another Audi that I could replace original with ?
  4. Alex jb

    Alex jb Member

    There was a factory Bi-Xenon system option offered, it was much better than the naffy candles, but nothing like modern Xenon (HID) lights.

    A pair of C5 halogen lights can cost as little as £50 from a breaker, maybe £80-90 for a good set.
    The bi-Xenon C5 sets are more like £150-200 from a breaker.
    Allroad lights are fewer and cost more than the basic C5 lights.

    I just re-built a set of C5 lights with new Chi-bay projectors and HID kit.

    £55 lights from breaker
    £5. Silver/chrome paint for inside surfaces
    £14 H1 HID kit
    £30 LED halo 2.5” projector

    They are done, but not in the car yet.


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  5. All-rod

    All-rod Member Bronze Supporter

    How bad are your lenses? Just by cleaning up mine and fitting Nightbreaker bulbs I am happy enough with how they perform now.
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  6. HMG1K

    HMG1K Member

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