headlight upgrade, is this the right choice...?


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Hey guys been reading the thread, im british forces just posted to germany and because of army regs I have to get LHD headlights within 30days or I have to park my car S3 in the compound and not allowed to drive it! obviously this is not an option.

I went to the dealer and he gave me a quote for my headlights at 880 euros!!

I found some on ebay http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250302368863

But are these worthwhile? and will they fit as is?

Anyone got any LHD ones they want rid of?

My S3 is '99 pre facelift
any help would be greatly appreciated :unsure:



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Has anyone got any more pics/info on the wiring mods needed to carry out the headlight upgrade from the pre-facelift to facelift lights?

Looking to carry out this mod to my car in the near future and im not sure what exactly is required

Thanks in advance


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i have a noob question how do i no if i face lift lights my reg is a y reg but tbh the amount of light the front lights give out aint all that good? if i have got the facelift lights whats the best bulbs(sorry for the hijack of the thread)


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hi, which facelift headlights available on german ebay are suitable for rhd cars? ones i've found don't specify if they are adjustable for rhd cars. uk sellers don't seem to ship to australia...please post links as all the links mentioned above have expired. cheers!


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Has anyone got a pic of these adapters to make the headlight fixed properly, only asking because be suspension is quite stiff and i don't want my lights bobbing up and down.



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Can anyone point me in the direct of either an ebay seller or website where i can grab the bits for this conversion? Every link seems to be very outdated! My pre-facelift lights are severely hazed and in need of replacing! Cheers

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Bump... Danny needs to read this lol.


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Got headlights for conversion.. I've currently got factory xenons but like above theyve got cloudy, the lights I've brought are not factory xenons anyways I've brought bids for these and I'm just confirming before I start chopping away at my wing what else do I need..

Like the above person I would like updated eBay links or just some pointers on the bracket I'm going to need...

Thanks in advance


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Hey guys, Resurrecting this thread again as it seems to be the one that keeps coming up in google.

I need to get some replacement lights ASAP, same situation as most of the other guys - 2000 Pre-facelift S3 and my lights are pretty wrecked. Just failed an MOT and they've said if I sort it and get it back in the shop in 10days they will pass me.

What I really want to know is, is there a (one piece) set of lights that I can buy that will fit without having to cut that bit of the wing out? Looking at these - AUDI A3 8L PRE-FACELIFT 96-00 CHROME HALO HEADLIGHTS | eBay which claim to be "pre-facelift" but then go on to say "NOT suitable for cars with original/factory-fitted HID/Xenon lighting" which of course my S3 does have.

Also looking at these which are dirt cheap - Audi A3 8L1 1.8 Depo Front Passengers N/S Left Headlamp Unit Replacement New | eBay but whilst they claim to fit my version of the S3 they also claim to fit just about every type of 8L so methinks that might be incorrect.

how about these - Angel Eyes HeadLights Audi A3/S3 (95-01) black +4 Bulbs | eBay seen a couple of similar links that claim won't fit cars with factory xenon's either.... ??!

Any ideas, recommendations?

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this may sound like a stupid question but you never know the answer until you ask. im going to change my headlights on my s3 for face lift lights. im also going to fit a HID kit. my question is do you remove the ballista when fitting the HID kit im sure you do but thought id ask? also whats the difference between holagen and xenon headlights will it matter which lights I fit if im fitting a HID kit?


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There are three components that need to be considered. The HID ballast, the headlamp unit and the projector. If you buy aftermarket unit then it won't have the xenon cut off or projector and will also need an HID kit.
In terms of differences between xenon and halogen there are many but colour is probably what you're interested in so the chart below may help. Halogen is yellow and xenon is white. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1392057648.695621.jpg
Halogen is 3000k and factory xenon is 4300K, I personally run 6000k.


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Thanks for the info there. So if i buy after market lights, even if they are halogen the hid will still work? Im looking for lights as white as i can get them as im not a massive fan of the blue looking lights. Thanks again