Headlight Splitting

Alex C

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The passenger side headlight on my S3 8L (facelift) has moisture inside of it and I think the seal must have been breached?

Is this the likely cause of moisture in the headlight or could it be getting in from the back?

I was thinking of heating it up to soften the adhesive enough to split the headlights in two and then cleaning the old glue and reapplying some new adhesive. What adhesive should I use for this? is it best to use stuff in a tube or a butyl tape?



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Hi Alex.

There are a few things that can cause this, the 1st 2 you have mentioned so check for any visible damage at rear of the headlight, make sure covers are seated correctly, also check ventilation holes are all good. If all look fine with that then dry the headlight out and put all covers back on, cover the hold where the connector goes then pour water on it, if there is a breach in the old sealant you will see it start to mist up in the area that needs attention, if its the sealant then best to split, remove the sealant and use new stuff. The butyl tape is the best stuff to use, that's what I use.