Headlight retro fit work Picture Thread.


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This set I converted for a member on this forum.

Both lamps split:

items removed and sent to local Body shop for paint:

light deflector removed, and the nub at the top needs to be shaved off:

Tool of choice is a Dremel for trimming:

After the trimming, done this as the projector bowl will NOT sit as it should:

Also trimmed the rear smooth, when using the Morimoto Mini H1 the Shaft is small that you screw to so you need as much space as you can back there:

Projector locked in tight and mounted:

Shrouds are the IRIS chrome:

As we are using a 2.5IN projector a centric ring is needed, I always glue it to the shroud then to the projector so I know its secure.

Painted parts back from the body shop, went with matte black:

And Complete:



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Look even better in the flesh. Will post up pics when fitted on Saturday (all being well :) )


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Finally got around to fitting these a weekend...............WOW WOW WOW, the output is amazing compared to standard and they look the superb in the day with the painted black surround. I also changed the grill over too will get some pics up when I get chance in daylight.

Can highly recommend the Trups Treatment for anyone considering it. They are well worth the money.

Thanks again Trups - Top Man


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i echo B_FUR's comments....just come across this thread whilst singing trups praises on another.@t8ups if you want the pics from my install, let me know....i took quite a few that night!


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Audi S5 pre FL lights update

url=http://s175.photobucket.com/user/t8ups/media/RS246 product pages/DSCN1870_zpsavbqxtju.jpg.html]
[/url] Audi S5 pre FL lights updated

These are for Cuppa's S5.
There is a Video of them working on Our Instagram Page EM Tuning.
Morimoto demon eye system added.
All chrome removed and repainted in Audi L8AU grey satin.
LED system removed and swapped out for a LED DRL/sequential LED setup to get it looking modern
Clear Etched lens added for a sharper cutoff and more intensity, this will also widen the beam.
OEM Projector removed and replace with a Bosch projector from the FL cars