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Evening all,

So this is my first post and hoping someone can help.

I've just bought a 2015 A8L from auction and did not read the description properly or realise what the issues were with the car.

The main one I'm facing at the moment is a cracked / broken headlight cover. As you can see there is a hole in it.

My question is about replacing the actual cover itself. Calling around to Audi specialists and dealers everyone is saying it's a sealed unit and needs replacement. I've found a few on ebay for reasonable money. A lot cheaper than the £2,200 audi are quoting. But I have also found replacement lens covers.
  1. Has anyone had any experience with a replacement lens cover?
  2. If I bought a new headlamp unit, would the LED colour match up to other side?
Appreciate the help and advice.


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Looks like a matrix headlight, if so they're very expensive, if you can find one 2nd hand then go that route or one with a fault but intact lense, but could be a pain to swap as some are sealed extremely well.