Headlight ballast


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Hi guys,

not posted on here in a while as I got rid of the 'S' in march (sorely missing it, it has to be said)
Got a pretty mint phase1 mk2 clio 172 now. Quick enough but its no S3.
Anyway, I was having a clearout of old bits and have found the old ballast that I took from the Audi after the headlight was replaced.

Little bit cheeky posting this on here but I know these parts dont pop up often and the new unit has to be purchased as a complete headlight so if anyone needs one thought this might be handy for you.
Link to the ebay auction
Genuine Audi S3 headlight ballast and starter on eBay (end time 26-Dec-10 17:47:25 GMT)

Will do AS discount if anyone wants it off here I'll pull the auction early.

Mods hope you dont mind this too much I just know how rare it is for these to crop up anywhere.

Hope you are all well.
Merry Christmas