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Headlight adjustment after lowering

Justin Whitehouse Sep 15, 2018

  1. Justin Whitehouse

    Justin Whitehouse Member

    I have lowered my car but I drove it last night for the first time in the dark since and the headlights are way too low on normal beam. How do I realign the beam and any tips to the correct night of the beam. I have seen several generic YouTube videos saying this should be done from 25ftia this correct.
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  3. Hal Adams

    Hal Adams Well-Known Member Team Nardo VCDS Map User Audi RS3 Black Edition

    I suggest you approach this with caution - do you have xenon or matrix LED system and auto assist?

    The only lights that should be manually adjusted are the old fashioned halogens - but think these are not on the RS3.

    Xenons are self levelling and should not need adjusting, but if you raelly want to, there are adjusting nuts on the headlamp units. But without the proper equipment to aim at, I'd really advise against doing it yourself..:whistle2:

    Matrix LEDs, if you have this option, is a whole different ball game as they do not dip in the conventional sense, but rather they sense oncoming traffic and corners based on the nav maps. If these are yours, then you would be very unwise to touch them as the resultant bill, I imagine, would be pretty hefty!:haha:
  4. JamesBaby

    JamesBaby Active Member

    Call Alex @DJAlix of VagcarCoding he can do it.

    I believe it requires VCDS or maybe even dealer level ODIS.

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  5. DJAlix

    DJAlix VAG Car Coding™ Site Sponsor Team Ibis VAG Can Professional VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System)

    If in or can get to London I can assist :)
  6. s3_trev

    s3_trev Northern Ireland Team Brill Red TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 Manual

    Unsure about the 8V, but when I lowered my S3 8P, I used the following VCDS steps.

    [55 - Xenon Range]
    [Basic Settings - 04]
    Group 001
    Activate the Basic Setting.
    The meas. block field now shows "Wait" and should switch to "Adjust
    Headlights" then (this may take up to 10 seconds).
    Adjust the headlights using their manual adjusting screws as referenced
    against a suitable aiming target.
    The adjustment should now be learned.
    [Done, Go Back]
    Don't forget to check/clear fault codes afterwards.
    [Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

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