Head-up display + sun reflection


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I have been driving with my head-up display since December and I found out one annoying thing. On sunny days, when the sun shines from a certain angle, there appears quite intense and annoying reflection on the windshield. It's disturbing to such degree that I could say it's a safety issue. I attach a photo, but it doesn't show the phenomena in it's full degree (in real life it's brighter and more pronaunced).

Has anybody noticed that? Does it happen in all B9, can it be adjusted or fixed?


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At first I thought gosh he's going a bit fast then I realised it's in Km.

I have been using HUD recently and I didn't experience anything like that even on sunny days. In fact I was surprised how bright the display was when the sun is bright.


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HUD is great, really bright and well visible, I love it. It just that in certain light conditions this reflection appears. And it does not happen that rarely that I can just not mind...


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I have experienced the same thing, but not sure it's been as sunny for us. It's the plastic around the edge closest to the wheel. You could try using some matt vinyl wrap to reduce reflection?
On a side note don't buy polarised sunglasses, it makes the display very faint!


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thanks for your feedback and suggestion ;) I haven't observed that phenomenon over the past few days. It's really highly sun-dependent.