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Andy Shipton

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Can any body help with the problem i have,i am selling my car a A4 2005 (B7) model and have had navigation retrofitted from a concert 2+ head unit,so the single to double conversion has already been done,i do not want to go back to a single din so i am looking at replacing the navigation unit with the concert 3 double din unit,the problems i am having are the following

1.The original connections are the ISO connections and the later unit needs the Quadlock connections, do i need to get a new adaptor to connect between the 2 units?
2. can anybody give me the pin outs for the concert2+ unit compared to the concert 3 unit
3. i have vag com so will be able to recode the car just the radio and the car also has phone prep and cd changer in the glove box,

any help would be appreciated



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You can basically use a modified RNS-E harness, which I'm guessing is what you have already with the old RNS-E installation. To add the concert II+ you need to do upto 3 things.

1. Add power to the harness from the existing +12V pin to the one above it for the safe pin, so basically link from D15 to D16

2. Move the K line wire from B5 to C7

3. If the car has BOSE, then move the BOSE wire B7 to the empty B5.

Now the antenna systems for the old symphony II is a HF/ZF combo, where the II+ is HF/HF on the two white Fakras. This may screw up reception when installing a II+, I have had to swap the two Fakras around to get good reception and I think you will totally lose AM, which if your selling the car may not be something you want to do.

Why not just pick up a cheap symphony II and slot it straight in?


PS: Cable for SDS is on the way.