Head Gasket Question - Oil In coolant


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Just trying to verify that the head gasket has gone we have had the oil cooler checked and there seems to be no leaks. Is there anything else that can be done before opening the head to check?

Further to this if its the head gasket is there and way to determine if the top end or bottom end is cracked?

Any help will be appreciated.


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Got the same issue did you find out?

Mines not loosing water no white smoke drives mint

Mine is the dreaded A head block it's done 136k not yet checked oil cooler and not long owned it might be your one if you have sold it on lol


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You can do a block test and use a tool to sniff the coolant to see if any exhaust gasses are escaping into the coolant.

Also if you remove the head, its best to get it re-faced and pressure tested, the pressure test will determine if the head is cracked or not

Who ever re-faces your head get them to supply the correct sized head gasket


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I going to try new cooler first as that's the cheaper option but not sure how long the oil been in there as only had the car a week.
Only drained the header atm


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Well since Iv drained the header tank Iv had no oil floating around I'll keep an eye on it other the next few days.


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Check how the heating in the car works.
I had a hasket blown in the A4 and was loosing the coolant, as a sign of the blown.
Heating inside of the car was stupid as it was taking ages to heat up and suddenly blowing the cold air, no changes on the gauges.
Another clue might be the engine temperature going up and down to and from 90.
Anything changed for you Audiaudi / jamiea3tdi since tour last posts?