Hazard Switch Removal.


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So i need to replace the ****** hazard switch in the s3, it's that bad were my indicators dont even work :scared2:.
Where's the best place to buy one? Audi want about £45ish and i refuse to pay that much, aint called stealers for nowt i suppose lol.
Whats the best way to remove it on a pre-facelift model? Dont fancy prising the dash out because you always end up chiiping/dinting sumet dont ya, could i access it via the radio, take that out and just go from underneath?

Cheers guys :).


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Not much help mate but wouldnt the HU have some sort of case sleeve thing it slides into inside the dash, AFAIK its the dash fascia off to access the hazard unit but from what I've read on here it comes off pretty easy.


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You need to use a tiny flat head to prize off the black surround. Wrap it with tape or cloth to prevent scratching and chipping. I bought my switch from audi. Any switches I always get genuine as I've had bad experience once.


Audi-sports own special child.
So does the dash just pop out, anyone got any pics or guides?


Audi-sports own special child.
Banging mate, thats helped big time, just need a new relay now.