Hazard light staying on


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Jun 7, 2009
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Hi guys,

Think this is part of the battery drain issue I have, noticed my hazard light isnt turning off.

I have pulled the switch out and changed over for my wifes 8E switch and I have the same result, even though on her car it turns off. So I can only assume my switch is also fine. Indicators also work fine as I think unlike the B5 the indicator relay is separate to the hazard switch.

Id appreciate any ideas or pointers to what I can try or where the hazard relay is?

Thanks in advance
disconnect your convenience module over night and see if that sorts the flat battery problem,if it does that is most likely your prob with the switch staying on as well,hopefully not tho cause the aint cheap.
Sigh, thats the last thing I wanted to check, everything else works fine with no issues or vag codes, I did a drain check and the current didnt drop when I pulled the fuses for the convenience system though so Im still hoping it aint that. Also pulled carpet and all was nice and dry around the black box so assume no water ingress inside.

Pulled the hazard switch for now as I dont want it killing the battery cells.

Do you know if the hazard works off the indicator relay or if its on its own relay and which it is and where I can find it?
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don't know about the relay but i had the same problem with mine,after a while the windows started playing up as well.put the switch back in and disconnect the module and if the battery holds the charge over night it has to be down to the module
Out of interest how much is a ccu? Wil, it need programming? Thanks
Weird, when I unplug fuse 24 (CCM fuse) the hazard goes off, result. When I take amp reading with car locked it drops from 0.80 amps to 0.10 amps after around a minute.

Now heres the catch, when I unplug fuse 24 and take the reading the hazard goes off BUT the voltage when locked goes from 0.80 to 0.23 amps!

Now very confused as it seems the CCM is causing the hazard light to stay on but at the same time the drain is higher with the CCM fuse in than with it pulled out and hazard off.
Before I go ahead and replace the CCM, I was hoping someone can help me out with a few questions....

I ran vagcom and Im getting-

5 Faults Found:

01330 - Central Control Module for Central Convenience (J393)
53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent

01370 - Alarm triggered by Interior Monitoring

01369 - Alarm triggered by Hood Switch

01562 - Right Rear Door
59-10 - Can't Unlock - Intermittent

01562 - Right Rear Door
61-10 - Won't De-Safe - Intermittent

I fixed the rear door puddle lights by cleaning the lock switch in the rear right door and all seems to be working fine but I clear the codes and they come back? So Im wondering if its still not the lock thats knackered and giving me the other fault codes or perhaps its the wiring in the door itself behind the panel.

All of these issues seem to be intermittent, so Im not quite sure if its the CCM thats faulty, as all doors lock/unlock via remote and from inside, alarm seems to work fine and all interior lighting/door signals in dash/door lights/indicators work as they should.

But I still have a battery drain and the hazard doesnt go off.
I've got this same issue, did you ever find the cause of the problem?

I was going to point you in the direction of this thread but you beat me to it!
Hi I got a audi a4 convertible hazards lights remain on drains battery anu suggestions

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