Having troubles playing mp3 files on 4gb SD card on rns-e mk 1


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Hi I have recently upgraded to RNS-E mk1 on my Audi A3.I was told that the SD card mustn't exceed 4 gb!
Got a 4 gb SD card and put some mp3 files on(MPEG Layer 3), however the message on the display seas : slot 1 "card loading" but nothing happens! What do I do wrong?
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As above, plus did you try another SD card? Did you format it for FAT32 before you copied music onto it?
The SD card have been formatted to FAT 32.
Just read in audi.us forum that Mk1 doesn't take SDHC cards,but SD only.Those are almost impossible to find ! Can you comment on this?


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The other thing i would make sure is you dont have to many files on your card as i am sure i read somewhere that the Rnse wont be able to read it all


Where is the SD card from? They are extremely cheap anyway but the market is absolutely saturated with fakes.


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I read a post about it only reading (older - low) non-high speed SD cards, when my 2005 RNSE didn't play mp3's. I found some old, slower speed SD cards on a well-known online auction site.


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First of all, some are asking to try the other Sd card slot, but I am pretty aure the MK1 version only have 1 slot.

About SHDC it is not supportes by the RNS-E mk1, it needs to be SD only. These are not easy to find these days.