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Having trouble with my flaps

Shocker Jun 2, 2018

  1. Shocker

    Shocker Active Member

    Was having trouble with 2 fault ccodes saying insufficient air intake bank 1 and bank2
    What I found was the lever on the front of the manifold was jamming up when I turned of the engine
    If I pushed it down the codes went away
    Problem now is I pressed to hard and snapped off the lever at the Motor
    I now need to know what the open position is so I can tie the flap in the open position until I get the new motor
    Picture is not of my car but a new manifold
    Is the picture in the closed or open position
    The other position is the lever goes to about 1 o’clock
    What is open so I can tie it in that position

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  3. Shocker

    Shocker Active Member

    [​IMG]This is the other position anyone know what is the open position when the car goes above 5000 rpm
    When running normal below 5000 rpm it is as this photo
    And I think it pulls the lever down over 5000 rpm
    Someone must be able to confirm because I don’t want to tie it in the closed position and strangle thecar Top end

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