Have you seen the new Audi logo?

New audi logo

Most people probably won't immediately notice that Audi has redesigned its iconic four-ring logo. After all, the updated version still has the same recognisable four rings displayed in virtually identical geometry. But they have, with a new flatter more 2D logo ditching the chrome 3D badge we are used to.

Audi says this was chosen so that it looks the same everywhere, whether it's a badge on a body panel or printed in a magazine.

To go along with Audi's updated identity, the company also standardises the fonts used on and inside its vehicles. It's a unique typeface called Audi Type. Each model can be further identified by details laser-etched into the B-pillar.

What fun eh!

Audi etching

Audi activesphere concept

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Have you seen the new Audi logo?

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