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Have you got a wet foot well when the air con is on? Answers here.

Gaz! Oct 24, 2010

  1. Gaz!

    Gaz! Member

    For along time now I have been getting a soaked passenger footwell when I put the aircon on. Many people said it was the pollen filter seal. Nope ruled that one out.

    I came to the conclustion it must be the aircon condensator leak off pipe.

    So today I stripped out the footwell. adament that there must be a leaking pipe in the area.

    First out came the glove box, then the centre consoll (what a pain) I pull back the carpet and find it, a leak off pipe, a quick blow down it and I confirm its blocked. So rammed a lenth of wire down it and flushed it through with cleaner, refit and job done.

    This is the offender,


    There is only one pipe for the drain off that runs thro the passenger footwell, mine was blocked with **** on the 90 degree bend. so all the water that wanted to leak off filled the tube and ran out of the blower motor.


    Out of the vent hole on the bottom of the fan circled.

    After half the day with the AC on im happy job done.
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  3. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    ive seen this before either blocked up with gunge or just plain not connected.
  4. rnotman67

    rnotman67 New Member

    Hi, I seem to have a very similar problem!! But it is in the drivers footwell? Is this possible??

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