Have i got a problem or is it just me!???


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im not sure if im just hearing things or if something has gone wrong with my car!
i have a 2.0tdi sport (first diesel car so havent got a clue). when i drive along with window down i can hear hissing noise when accelerating and eases off when changing gear, but before it seemed to be the other way around (sort of like a dump valve!)
Can anyone help please?:think:


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Mine does exactly the same mate, I shouldnt worry too much about it.
After owning an S4 I listen all the time to what my car's doing, as in that I was dreading the turbo fairy coming a knocking!


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well thats was my initial thought (TURBO GONE OR SOMETHING). its just the fact that ive noticed a difference, got me worried a bit!


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Dont worry about it. This hiss on a TDI is loud! Its just the turbo doing its thing.


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It is loud with windows down...

If you want to make it even louder and gain a couple of extra ponies, then have a search for "mufflerectomy".


SQ5 & A4 Allroad
cheers for the replies! na, dont want it any louder. thats me sorted for now thanks for your help!!!!:salute: