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have i done this properly? any interests also ?

marwayg Aug 3, 2012

  1. marwayg

    marwayg Registered User

    Hi all....

    Just listed my car on Ebay. Hope i get a successful sale after a huge rewrite of it all...
    I would appreciate it if people could let others know if they know anybody interested And i would be grateful if you could comment here giving me feedback whether or not the listing has been written properly (or for any improvements which i will make according to your advice)

    This is my First time selling this car on ebay properly.

    2004 AUDI A3 3.2 V6 - SPORT QUATTRO DSG AUTO GREY | eBay

    ^ The ad listing.

    Thank you all!!
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  3. wez3570

    wez3570 Registered User

    Assume potential buyers will research you and your car on the Internet/forums and discover you fibbed on the eBay listing

    Reason for sale: As simple as needing a bigger car for an ever growing family.

    And then this is what you put in a recent thread

    ...Im looking to get a a3 diesel as soon as my 3.2 is sold - to increase my milage (quite drastically i hope) as im always on the motorway

    You also state it's had a 'Cambelt' change even though it's a chain not a belt and in a recent thread you stated that you only had the previous owners word that the chain had been replaced. Did you ever get the invoice/proof? Fair play if you did, mention it in the listing.

    One more thing....35+mpg is not very realistic, it may be achievable, just not realistic ;) I'd say 25-28mpg is nearer the mark!

    I am only saying this to help. If I had been intested initially in buying your car, my faith in you would have diminished after discovering the above.

    My advice is honesty is the best policy (when the facts are imortalised for all to see, lol).

    Sorry to see another 3.2 owner selling up. Good luck with the sale.
  4. shariain

    shariain Registered User

    35+mpg more like 25mpg.

    Your reason for sale an ever growing family then 3 paragraphs down you say you may consider a p/x for a diesel Audi A3 and other small hatchbacks which tells me the only reason you are selling is there is a problem with your car or it costs to much to run

    Haldex oil and cam belt changed knowing it has a chain and not a belt I would then question this history if you don't have proof of the change I would then question the whole ad.

    Just my 2cents. Good luck with your sale
  5. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Registered User

    The Ad is good, but if you want some critical observations:

    Good pictures, maybe a nice couple of close ups to show off the paintwork.

    Will part ex for a 3dr Astra?

    Growing family?

    What's with the Dsg gearbox?

    Don't highlight the issue with MPG. No other ad does that, so don't make an issue of it. Reading that you have gone to great lengths to prove the economy is rather off putting. You are better to drop it altogether, as it is putting me off.

    What I want more of in the ad is details, dates about service history. Give me facts, rather than opinions.

    Good job you said "no fraudsters", that will stop them lol
  6. marwayg

    marwayg Registered User

    Thank you all for your advice!

    I will change the reason to the ACTUAL reason of needing a more economical car :sorry:

    And I will remove the part about mpg altogether.

    I will write down dates of the service history too so like above stated: more facts less opinions.

    And my bad, i got confused with the cambelt and chain.

    Thank you all guys!!!
  7. murran

    murran Registered User

    "rare lava grey exterior which compensates the beautiful black & grey leather/alacantra seats"
    is compensates the right word? shouldnt it be "compliments"?
  8. marwayg

    marwayg Registered User

  9. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator

    Looks fine to me, there's no such thing as a 'perfect' ebay ad, you just do what you can, and be honest as you can from my experience!

    marwayg, I noticed you are based in Brum, do you know my delivery driver called Arsalan(Spelling?) by any chance? He told me me had a mate with a 3.2 V6 for sale.
  10. wez3570

    wez3570 Registered User

  11. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Registered User

    Really like that you had added the service history dates, gives the feeling of a really genuine motor.

    Good that you dropped the issues with gearboxes and experiments with mpg.

    It is a tough market out there right now, has been for the last 3 years in the luxury second hand car market, so be prepared for it to take a while to get some interest.
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  13. Turkster

    Turkster W.Bro.Paul 2.0d Q5 Quattro

    its a bit busy for me,

    I like to list the car for what it is, The details like MOT's & Service History Milage, number of owners, lenth of your time owning it, plenty of photos,

    the whos where why whats dont do it for me, as a buyer im not interested in your life story, in fact i could use that against you,

    good luck with your auction/sale,

  14. wuta3

    wuta3 Registered User

    Hmmm, while this might be honest, you ain't gonna make people feel comfortable about the purchase. Yes it is a 3.2 V6, so people will guess that it costs a lot to run ... but stating it in the ad is off putting.

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