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Hate it love or loathe it

flying oyster Feb 27, 2019

  1. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    well I’ve had the car nearly a month now
    Love the power enjoy my spirited drive to work and back everyday and suprisingly
    It’s not costing me a lot more over my allroad
    In fuel
    but the only thing has let me down so far is the brakes and I’m gong to rectify that next week and order a set of reyland rotors probably do the rear arb at the same time
    The only thing I hate about having with a car like this is the paranoi what’s that noise is parked in a safe place etc but I guess I will relax in time
    not sure about remmaping as I’ve been down that road before and ended up chasing figures with my old s3 and hybrid derv and unleashed multi problems
    It does make some odd noises when parked after driving and is going back in to have the coolant system looked at on Thursday
    Sounds like airlock and bubbling
    But no change of tempzture on gauge or oil
    Or loss of coolant anyone else experienced this ?
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  3. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    New coolant bottle cap fitted after pressure tests problem solved
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  4. 45bvtc

    45bvtc The Older I Get The Better I Was Supporter Gold Supporter

    1) You'll be amazed at the difference with an uprated rear ARB - though I doubt you've had it long enough to explore fully; enjoy...

    2) De-badge it and it'll look like an 8P diesel with big wheels - and if you've black trim then black pipes help with the stealth, too...

    black pipe stealth.JPG

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  5. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    Discs and pads is first on the list this month
    Then arb and springs next month I think
    The badges can stay for now but sound advice
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