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has anyone used www.mobilechiptune.co.uk

lowrider786 Nov 10, 2005

  1. lowrider786

    lowrider786 Member

    hiya peeps
    i wanted to get my car chipped and i came across www.mobilechiptune.co.uk, has anyone come across this company before, or had there cars chipped by them.

    ive just spoken to them and they art claiming that they can get my 1.8T 225 running upto 290bhp !!!

    is this possible on a 225, if they can achieve this much gain is it within the engine limits most chipping companies hit around 250 - 260 but 290bhp and its only 350 pound, they say it will be put on a dyno and graphs to prove will be given.
  2. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    it's lies and wrong, the most you will see from a standard 1.8 210 / 225 is about 265 - 275 and that's being very optimistic.

    I personally wouldn't trust them with my car, just remember if over / under fuel your car it's a very big bill to get a new engine!
  3. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    If they're making claims like that I wouldn't touch them.

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