has anyone done 996 calipers on A4????


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Feb 4, 2011
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looking for your help, i have searched the internet to these questions and cant get a right answer so im hoping someone has done the 996 front caliper conversion, i would like to know what discs to run, some say b5S4 front discs, others say standard ones???
Sorry not to give you an answer but when fitting the 993 turbo calipers we used to always use the 993 discs with custom bells... I have never looked in to it but the S8 (old shape) comes with the same 993 calipers on carriers that fit the uprights. Might be worth a look.
cheers for reply, really am stuck, dont want to spend out to find out that they wont work
I've dropped them an email and awaiting reply, cheers for tip!