Has Akoya Silver got pink in it?

Looks good to me too! :)

I had a TT in Akoya Silver, and it was a nice colour IMO. It did used to show different hints of colour depending on the light, and I think there is a smidgeon of pink in the mix (I only know that because a paint place mixed me up a tin when it needed the door respraying and he mentioned something about pink in the paint 'recipe'), but I never thought of it as 'girly'. Unfortunately, I wasn't really into photographing my car back then, so don't have any pics to share!

Looks like a nice car too, if that's the one you're looking at buying?
Very nice. Very similar to mine except wheels and interior.

Akoya is a cool grey (as in colour temperature cool not neutral or warm). I was hesitant about the colour before I saw the car with my own eyes, but I instantly liked it when I did see it.

Sorry - don't have any pics though.

Is it miles from you? Maybe you could find an Akoya coloured car close by…
Yeah thats the one I going to look at. Cars dont seem to hang around long there though.

Will see if there is an Audi near by wiht that colour first though I think
Looks like the surroundings, sky, etc are affecting the picture, mines akoya silver and doesn't look like that.

I'd describe it as a darker silver that has a metallic fleck to it.
I have been detailing/machine polishing my Akoya Silver A4 for the last 2 day's and still have 1 more day to go, there is some pink fleck's, blue,and black, and even some purple too. I have watched this colour being made/mixed up at a auto paint shop and it's cocktail of colour's no joke, and still one of the best colour's in Audi's paint box.
I agree with CMD.
After having a couple of plain silver cars (Boring), IMO, the Akoya silver is a much better colour and you will not be dissapointed if you were to go for it.
I have Akoya and all this pink purple talk gives the wrong impression. I went to see one at a dealer before travelling to see the car I now own. Nuff said its fine.
I have been detailing/machine polishing my Akoya Silver A4 for the last 2 day's and still have 1 more day to go.

DOnt forget to throw your pics up after the hardcore detailing :o.k:
Yes i will do i'm hoping to finnish tomorrow night, ready for AITP . I'm so glad that i got the use of a garage to do the 3 stage's. as doing this out side whould have been crazy with this weather (rain on and off)
Cheers guys. Made me feel a bit more at ease.

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow. Hopefully weather will hold out
Looks like a lovely car to me. My previous Audi was a 3.0 cab in Akoya, I loved the colour mate, you could see tinges of blue and lilac now and then but never saw pink. Always looked clean as well which is always a bonus. Good Luck.
Yeah, silver is ideal for looking clean. Normally wash my cars most Saturdays anyways.

Well I got called into work today looking at it
tomorrow morning now