Harness available for aftermarket headunit to display in DIS?


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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone know if there is a harness available on the market for aftermarket headunits to display infomation at the top part of the DIS like an OEM headunit would?

I have a Pioneer AppRadio headunit in a B6 A4 and I miss the top part of the display on my DIS showing station names/presets and track numbers/names etc. It annoys me that the top part of the DIS is blank unless the petrol or any other warning is up on the display.

Any help would be appreciated,



Hard slammed!


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No there isn't. IIRC Blaupunkt did a couple of models that would integrate with the DIS if you purchased a £60 cable, but generally how often do you need to be reminded what radio station you are on? Just glance to the left and there it all is on the HU!