Hankook Tyres


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Have noticed my new car is fitted with this brand. Do not know much about them , they seem to stick to the road well.
Being an ex m/cycle racer I have always been fairly fussy about tyres and have stuck to the high end brands in the past. Never encountered Hankook before , are they a known quality brand or do people switch to others when the wear out..?

I know tyres brands change. In the old days Bridgestone were cheap and nasty , but they seem to have upped their game now...but never heard of hankook.


Hankook are supplied by many VW dealers as replacement tyres but not come accross them on a new Audi.

What size are they? Hoping our BE Quattro SB TDI 170 S-Line comes with Michelin 225/40 x18 like the last one. Tyres lasted 23,000 miles!


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Hankook are considered a fairly good tyre. I used to work for a haulage company and every lorry was running hankooks. there a great tyre for the money


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Mine came with Hankooks. My brothers car bought a few months earlier came with Bridgestone's and they resist understeer more. His car feels absolutely glued to the road on tight corners testing them on the same road.

They cost half the price so i guess you wont expect 'excellent' performance from them


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Hankook are good tyres just not that popular in this country for some reason. I would guess you have the ventus V12 tyre fitted which is a good tyre. Hankook make a Ventus RS2 road/track tyre which is a very good in dry conditions.


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Can't remember the size, but will look tonight ..