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Half of car lights not working

y15usf Dec 9, 2019

  1. y15usf

    y15usf Registered User

    OK this is gonna be a hard one to explain.

    So once in a while my car will do this thing where at the back left tail lights would stop working and at the front the front right side headlight, indicator and fog light would stop working as well.

    So an example of this is last night happened around 7:00 pm ish, this morning still the same issue when leaving for work.

    Get in to work and during a break go to my car, its working now again.

    its done this same thing a few times now and sometimes it last longer like 2-5 days before it fixes it self.

    Any ideas what this may be ?

    What i found that was so weird is that the front right and the back left is affected, surely the normal issue is that both front and back would have the issue on the same side ?
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  3. aqibi2000

    aqibi2000 Registered User

    30a Fuse terminal was corroded on a car I fixed a few months back.

    Exact same symptom, same lights not working and it was intermittent in the exact same way you described.

    baffling the fact that the opposite lights front to rear went off..

    I packed the fuse terminal with some aluminium foil and pushed it back into the fuse holder so it makes good contact (instead of replacing the fuse box)

    Have someone wiggle this fuse with the lights on and you’ll see if they turn turn on and off

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    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019

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