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Haldex pump repair guide

Zans Feb 15, 2020

  1. Zans

    Zans Registered User

    Hi guys,
    I managed to repair a faulty haldex pump (gen 1) but this can also work on gen 2 and 3 i believe.
    After i noticed the read end being dragged and front wheels spinning on wet asphalt i used the vcds to diagnose the haldex pump and it didnt turn on. So i removed it and saw this:


    The washers (or charcolas) were dead and a piece of the small rotor was missing, so instead of spending a fortune on a new pump i tried to repair it. The replacement parts can be sourced here https://ebay.us/pj8NHM. in my case i needed new washers and rotor. The seals, bearing and 2 main bolts come in the kit as well. If your problem is different look in the other items the seller has to offer.

    The kit:


    Beware!!!! you will need a bearing remover tool with a minimum grabbing diameter of 11mm to remove the old bearing. Forcing it out might damage the plastic circuit or the main rotor.

    After the install:

    Washer are pretty easy, remove the old ones and don't be scared to rip them out, after that solder the new wire to the same place where the old ones were, move the spring aside and drop them inside their hole while put the spring over them


    While removing the old rotor make sure you don't damage any of the copper wires. Before putting the new rotor open all the pins (where the copper wires will be sitting) and be gentle with them they can break. While putting the new rotor make sure the pins are aligned with the copper wires and then put it on the shaft by hand (may require some force). Then put all the wires in place and close the pins (remember to be very careful they are fragile).


    And be very careful while putting the new bearing, i used a plastic hammer and a 4mm socket head to hit it on the inner circle. Make sure you replace all the seals with the new ones. After assembly the pump should work saving you a fortune.

    If you have any questions please ask!

    I hope this helps you
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2020
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  3. MPH

    MPH Registered User

    Very impressive

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  4. thegoal007

    thegoal007 Another S3 owner....

    obviously a very cheap fix, but for those of us not quite with this skill , surely a new replacement pump is around £130 ?
    I've seen some new ones on ebay..I suppose you are saving a fortune if you compare even at that price, but I dont think its overly expensive at that price.
  5. A19quattro

    A19quattro Registered User

    Nice, well done :thumbs up:

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