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Haldex Precharge pump replacemet procedure

mephisto Mar 7, 2018

  1. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    There's a few pic heavy version of this out there also, but i thought id add my own. I shall add a few pics after also. Could be worth a sticky under Haldex section once ive adde pics and some tool detail. All comments feedback appreciated to help us build out the resources here. Thanks to Alex C and Ian PG for your help here.

    Symptom - Excessive torque steer front wheel spinning on hard acceleration.
    Fault code - Haldex 01155 clutch mechanical malfunction

    Diagnosis - Run pump test (VCDS or OBD Eleven or whatever). With ignition on activate haldex pump you should be able to hear it spin up from the rear. If you dont its possible haldex precharge pump is failed.

    Order replacement pump. (2nd hand and new units are available on ebay)
    Order replacement Haldex Filter
    Order replacement Oil Cartridge (or source correct transmision fluid)

    Tools -

    For Pump
    Hex socket size 5mm 1/4 drive extension / 1/4 drive Ratchet
    Hex socket size 5mm to remove sump plug to Haldex
    Oil drainage tray.

    Removal method.
    Recommendation to jack rear of car high as possible (please be safe) or wheel ramps.
    Drain fluid from Haldex unit.
    Remove top connector to haldex pump lever the little tag back and the connector slides off.
    Remove 2x hex bolts securing motor. Bottom one clearly visible top one about 12oclock on motor.

    Note there is a small sandwich plate between the base of the haldex unit and motor, this is fastened with a torxT10 bolt, this does NOT need removing. Place a fine blade near the bottom corner between this plate and haldex, whilst applying downards force on the top end of the motor until it pops clear of the haldex unit and is now touching the prop shaft flange (black disc). Note there will be more oil draining from this hole so be prepared with rags or make sure your face isn't directly underneath.
    Next lever the black propshaft flange forward ie towards the front of the car, which will just give you enough to wiggle the motor out further and free from haldex unit.

    Ensure gasket is in good condition or consider replacement, mine stayed stuck to the haldex unit without dammage. If the motor being fitted is 2nd hand inspect o-rings ensure both are present and in good health. Make sure they are lightly oiled to ensure smooth fitment.
    Refit reverse to above wedge out prop flange. Insert motor with torx screw at 6oclock push back in as far as possible, may be about 5mm out still this is ok. Refit hex bolts and wind in each bolt few turns at a time so the motor is pulled evenly back in.
    Refit connector.

    Oil and Haldex filter change procedure
    Tools -
    Haldex Spanner
    Hex bolt for sump plug.
    If you are pushed for clearance under car you will need - small length of hose about 8mm diameter 15cm long

    Remove Haldex filter.
    Haldex filter is the plastic star shaped cap facing on the os rear wheel on that side of the haldex unit, slide in spanner from front of car and view from rear of axle to loosen and remove.
    Fit new Haldex filter.
    Using Mastic gun attach small length of hose to the cartridge and the nozzle to the end of the hose, this allows you to add the oil with the mastick gun in a horizontal position if you dont have the luxury of a pit or lifting station. Remove plug and pump in all oil, refit plug fast try not to lose any oil.

    Clear codes, run haldex pump test should hear it running, run up road confirm under hard acceleration rear traction is good, return and check no codes have returned. Pat yourself on the back, skin up a bifter and cuppa tea or just enjoy the money you've saved potentially replacing the whole unit.
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  3. thegoal007

    thegoal007 Another S3 owner....

    strange that. I have run the haldex pump test in vcd's a number of occasions over the years, sometimes I hear the noise and others not, probably more times NOT!
    Never had any fault codes show up.
  4. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    Ok interesting, i defo had the above symptoms of fault code and lack of rear wheel drive.
  5. Flosman

    Flosman Member

    Do you have the part numbers for the oil and filter needed thanks

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  6. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    Genuine Audi/VW Haldex Coupling Oil & Filter Kit - G052175A1 & 02D525558A

    Also you need spanner if you don't have..


    Any questions don't hesitate to ask back here good luck!

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  7. Flosman

    Flosman Member

    Nice one man let you know how I get on

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  8. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    Admins/Mods how do i edit this thread and original post to add pics?
  9. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    If the edit link at the bottom of the post has gone then you can't edit it...

    In which case create a new reply (not a thread) copying the text from the original and add in the images... I'll edit the original post from that and clean up after

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