Haldex issue!!!!


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Hello so i have a 2015 8v dsg
I have been suffering with the front wheels spinning up in 1st and 2nd and jumping.
I have had the car in at auditech they said do a oil change to no avail then change the pump and oil again done this still no luck.
Now they say i need to change the whole halfex unit complete at the cost of 3k!!!
Anyone got any cheaper options to fix thanks.

ps when put foot down traction light flashes wheels spin then jump also tryed 4wd drift car was actin like front wheel


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Of course it's possible that there is an issue with the Haldex somewhere but there are plenty of second hand parts around. Are they willing to put your old Haldex back in and not charge you for the new one if it turns out that it's not faulty?.
Or will thet move on to the next possibility.? How many miles has the car done? Is it modified in any way ?