haldex issue figured out


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hi folks,
with my 2004 A3 3.2 quattro the traction control light was constantly on and i checked the fuse which was blown and then replaced which blew it again. i then tried vcds and that couldnt connect to the controller but i have now found the issue.

as you can see in the photos the wires are melted and all insulation burnt to a crisp. so obviously just shorting out, hopefully it hasnt damaged the controller.
does anybody know where the wiring lkeads back to? i know that it goes above the fuel tank but after that i have no idea and hopefully someone will be able to help

cheers IMG_2604.jpg IMG_2605.jpg

Ron burgundy

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Can't see pics


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I am having the same problems as you were experiencing. I still cant see the images, where are the wires damaged?


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For some reason is can't see them either or any of the other photos on the forum.
The wires that connect into the haldex controller, the wires go up an over the fuel tank and if you take the rear bench seat out and remove the circular plastic cover on the passenger side then you will see where the wires connect into the rest of the harness, I'll be going into my local stealer to get a price for this bit.
The wires are ****** through from that connector on top of the fuel tank to the controller