Haldex Gen5 oil change and gauze clean.


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Did the oil change and filter clean yesterday. Normally I would only use OEM parts but I thought wtf and ordered the Bilstein oil instead of VW (£20 vs £50). I will only be able to tell any difference from Bilstein to OEM when I change the oil in 20.000km/12.000mi and can have a look at it (I will change the oil and clean the filter every 20.000km after I saw the state of it when changing it this time).

So, my car has done 28.000km/17.000mi, 15 months old and totally stock. The first half has been driven with mixed driving style (both the misses and I drove the car) and the last half with Quattro in Dynamic most of the time and a lot more spirited driving (I was the only one to drive the car):racer:

I just can't understand how Audi have come up with a service interval for this Borg Warner Haldex system to be 3 years regardless of km/mi??? Just look at all the dirt in the oil on the last image let alone the state of the filter :puke2: I will get a JB4 in a couple of months which is why I think a 20.000km oil change and filter clean interval would be a good idea.

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So, I changed my haldex oil and cleaned the filter again after 20.000km. The reason for changing the oil was mainly because it has been 20.000km since last time i did but I did also experience the car holding 1st gear longer than usual WOT before changing to 2nd. Of course this could be due to my JB4 but the fact is that after changing the oil it made a huge difference and the gearshift is now snappy changing from 1st to 2nd WOT. I talked to George from Burger Motorsport before the oil change and he told me that the slow change from 1st to 2nd normally is due to lack of traction and the car would hold the rpm until the speed catches up and then shift.

My conclusion:
  • The first oil change is way more important than the second (the filter was almost clean this time with no clutch residue on it)
  • There were a small amount of black spots in the bottom of the oil pan but not the same amount as first time I changed the oil (See my quoted post)
  • I didn't feel a difference between OEM oil and Bilstein (I put Bilstein on again)
  • Fresh oil equals more traction
  • 15-20.000km interval is recommended, especially if tuned

Some pictures from the oil change:

Nice and clear oil

Almost clean filter

Before cleaning


Clean housing (also before cleaning)


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How did you guys get the electrical connector off the pump? I remember leaving it connected first time I did this as I didn't want to snap anything.

I didn't feel a difference between OEM oil and Bilstein (I put Bilstein on again)
I bought the Bilstein oil this time, its in exactly the same bottle as the OEM stuff...


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That Febi stuff is what I used for mine too. Btw I have the haldex oil changed and filter cleaned every service now (10k miles).
For how much it is and how long it takes its silly not to


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Is it fine just reversing up onto ramps to do the oil change or do you need to get the front jacked up too so its level?

I would recommend to make the car as level as possible because the drain hole is pointing forward, the fill hole if pointing to the left and the haldex pump is pointing backward.

I did just what you suggest and it worked great:



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Where did you put the axle stands?

I just jack the car up on one of the big bolts on the subframe and then put the stands where you would normally jack the car if you just need to change a wheel.

Below is on a Golf but same principle of where to put the jack and the stand:


Below shows where you can jack the car on the subframe (here with the stands instead of the jack of course):


RC-S3 8v

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Just had my Haldex oil and filter cleaned at 57k. Was changed at 38k by Audi but obviously don’t clean filter so wanted it done.
Was a lot of swarf! Defo one to do.




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Funny I've recently noticed a droning noise coming from the rear, happens when you lift off at about 60.
I thought it was the tyres, as they were well down, but having just changed those yesterday the noise is still there.

Currently at 25K, time to leave it it for them to have a look, it does sound like it is coming from the rear diff, although hard to say when driving.

Have you had a look at the whee bearing?

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