Haldex Gen5 oil - advice please.


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Hi All

I just checked with a dealer for a price on the Haldex oil.

He gave me the part number but it doesnt seem right - G-052-145-S2.

I was expecting G-060-175-A2 oil.

Its a 2016 A3 quattro 150 tdi.

Can anyone advise what oil is correct please?


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G-060-175-A2 is the correct. G-052-145-S2 is transmission (gear) oil.

It's even written on the bottles! Another clueless dealer....




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Thanks. I just spoke to another dealer and he seemed to have a much better clue. He has also verified G-060-175-A2 is the correct oil.
Its £40.58 but the local Skoda dealer will do it for £35.95.
Car is booked in to specialist soon for haldex oil change and gauze clean and I am supplying the oil. Wanted to make sure it eas the correct genuine oil.