Had the car on VAG com and...


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... these are the results:
VAG-COM Version: Release 311.2-N

Chassis Type: 8L - Audi A3/S3
Scan: 01,02,03,08,15,17,22,35,37,45,54,55,56

Address 01 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 8N0 906 018 J
Component: 1.8L R4/5VT 0004
Coding: 10710
Shop #: WSC 00082
WAUZZZ8LZ1A024996 AUZ7Z0Y1553595
2 Faults Found:
16804 - Catalyst System: Bank 1: Efficiency Below Threshold
P0420 - 35-00 - -
17608 - Boost Pressure Control Valve (N249): Mechanical Malfunction
P1200 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
Readiness: 0000 0000

Address 03 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 8N0 907 379 E
Component: ESP 20 CAN V005
Coding: 18448
Shop #: WSC 06435
1 Fault Found:
00812 - Brake Pressure Release Solenoid (F84)
35-10 - - - Intermittent

Address 08 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 8L0 820 043 J
Component: A3 KLIMAAUTOMAT 0101
Coding: 00041
Shop #: WSC 06435
No fault code found.

Skipping Address 15-Airbags

Address 17 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 8L0 920 980 L
Coding: 01444
Shop #: WSC 65618
WAUZZZ8LZ1A024996 AUZ7Z0Y1553595
No fault code found.

Address 22 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 02D 900 554 B
Component: HALDEX LSC ECC 0006
No fault code found.

Address 35 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 8D0 862 257 E
Component: CV-Pump, Alarm, RC D17
Coding: 15178
Shop #: WSC 06435
3 Faults Found:
01371 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch: Driver's Side
35-00 - -
01370 - Alarm triggered by Interior Monitoring
35-00 - -
00956 - Key 2
09-00 - Adaptation Limit Surpassed

Address 45 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 4B0 951 173
Component: Innenraumueberw. D03
Coding: 00001
Shop #: WSC 00000
1 Fault Found:
01381 - Alarm triggered by Anti-Theft Sensor: Rear Right
35-00 - -

Address 55 -------------------------------------------------------
Controller: 4B0 907 357
Coding: 00014
Shop #: WSC 06435
2 Faults Found:
01538 - Motors for Headlight Range Adjustment (V48) / (V49)
29-00 - Short to Ground
00774 - Level Control System Sensor: Left Rear (G76)
31-00 - Open or Short to Ground

End -------------------------------------------------------

So my obvious first issue is the emissions one. Does the s3 have two oxygen sensors, or just the one? I presume one is in front of the cat and one behind it. The car does smell very rich at idle so the fault makes sense really. Any clues/pointers would be helpful.

The N249 issue, I've researched on here. Is it possible that the ecu thinks the valve has failed due to the remap raising boost over the preset level?

My other real worry is the brake pressure release solenoid. Wierdly, my esp light isn't on... ever! It's either been blown or cunningly disconnected, so I guess I'll have to have the clocks out for a look. Again, any pointers appreciated!

And finally, ye olde headlight alignment. Again, if anybody can help me out I'd be grateful!

Thanks in advance!!!



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I take it you havent reset it and then run the car for a period to see if the faults come back?


Works 60% the time, Everytime.
Probably best...The faults say intermittent so could have shown up once a year ago lol you never know. No point in trouble shooting if the issue isnt showing up just now.


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I've got the intermittent fault on mine regarding boost control valve.
I've cleared the code and it has returned.
I've changed the MAP sensor, the MAF sensor and the recirculation valve and we still have the fault.
I have read about a solenoid that occasionally breaks that can cause this fault. Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks, I'm a newbie too!


Works 60% the time, Everytime.
Yes you can remove the solenoid the controls the recirc vavle and just plumb it directly into inlet manifold. I did this after mine broke.


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I concur that just clear the faults charles & see what returns in driving as they could be old or intermittant faults that dont need addressing & the door/alarm ones are common & nothing usually to worry about, see what returns & go from there.

Ryan I assume you mean the N75 valve, change it & see if it goes away, check which version is best for your car though given there's talk of number of versions acting differently.