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Had My Wheels Refurbed Again

Marshy Aug 18, 2014

  1. Marshy

    Marshy Settled in Team Sepang Audi RS3

    As the title I've had my wheels refurbed again!
    That's twice in 10 months. When I bought my S3 there was corrosion on a couple of the wheels which I said I'd sort myself.
    After contacting Audi UK they said to let my local dealer look at it.
    So I went to Carlisle Audi for inspection who said they've never seen them do that and that the wheels had been previously refinished (in their opinion) therefore they wouldn't forward it for warranty.
    They were quite happy to give me a price for them to refinish them though!
    I declined and went to a local place that I've used before who is excellent at doing them with great service.
    So this is how my car looked when I bought it.

    I opted to get the wheels done shadow chrome which is anthracite until in sunlight then they go silver,
    When the wheels were finished I asked if they had been previously refinished and he replied No original finish, so much for my full Audi service history.
    Here's the pic of them shadow chrome

    I liked this colour but found on the car they were too dark, I fitted some spacers which helped the sun catch them more often but I was never 100% sure I'd chose the correct colour.
    Anyway about a month ago one of the kids scuffed the front of one of the wheels with the pedal from their bike, small mark but I knew it was there!
    Last week I decided I wanted them silver again, so he stripped them back again and re powder coated them silver, I got them back today and I'm over the moon with them.
    Wish I'd stayed silver in the first place,
  2. Dan-Jnr

    Dan-Jnr Well-Known Member

    Silver looks so much better than the shadow chrome.
    Bit annoying how Audi rejected the refinish, just goes to show they will fob you off as much as they can, hence why I refuse to take my car to Audi for anything now its out of warranty.
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  3. Marshy

    Marshy Settled in Team Sepang Audi RS3

    Thanks mate.
    Yeah when I went to Audi I told myself if they're willing to do my wheels I would've kept up the Audi service and let them do the cambelt and water pump,
    I done the cambelt and water pump myself and the money I saved paid for my wheels!
    Is it any wonder people don't use dealers when it's all take take take.
    Their loss.:audibash:
  4. nil538

    nil538 Active Member

    They do look better now looks spot on mate

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