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Saloon Had my standard wheels diamond cut

Callump01 Jul 2, 2018

  1. Callump01

    Callump01 Active Member Team Nardo Saloon Audi RS3 quattro

    Hi all,

    Back when I ordered my car I was in halfs about speccing the diamond cut wheels; they were one of the only options that I didn't tick after all. In the end I didn't go for them after hearing how much of a nightmare they can be to repair should they be curbed and I sort of regretted that decision after taking delivery, since the insides of the standard titanium wheels get coated in thick layers of easily visible brake dust and I found it really difficult to clean them properly... so I started looking at buying a set of black diamond cut saloon wheels from Audi so that I could maintain my wheels better (or rather, hide some of the brake dust!)

    A brand new set of diamond cut alloys came back at 3 grand from Audi and I was seriously considering them or an aftermarket set, but then I dropped @AudiNutta a line and he recommended a place in Cardiff to get the wheels painted and diamond cut. Well I'm amazed by the results and thought i'd share it here in case there are any other owners with the standard wheels who want to do a similar thing.

    Here's before

    And here's after

    I'd say they look pretty much identical to the factory saloon diamond cut wheels now? Total cost was £384... properly happy with how they look now! :icon thumright:
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  3. D0C

    D0C Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team Panther Audi RS3 TTRS

    That's incredible! They look OEM. For just £384, too.
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  4. Spinstorm

    Spinstorm Well-Known Member

    I had a quote from posh wash in london for around £90 a wheel to do the same thing. I was sceptical.

    But they said it will take 2 days - drop it in morning get it back next evening. I can’t not have a car for that long.

    How long did it take?

    I agree they look great - the issue with damage remains as far as repairs are concerned.
  5. Callump01

    Callump01 Active Member Team Nardo Saloon Audi RS3 quattro

    I dropped it off on Wednesday morning and they had it until late afternoon on Friday. I think the main reason it takes so long as that they need to soak the wheels in an acidic solution and leave it there for some time and obviously the paint will also take quite awhile to dry properly. Get it done if you can mate, they look far better and will no doubt be much easier to keep looking clean!

    The only downside is that you'll lose the little "Audi Sport" logo, however I am looking to meet up with @AudiNutta shortly to get his measured and have some etch-like stickers made up to put on my wheels.
  6. Phil3

    Phil3 Well-Known Member Team Nardo Saloon Audi RS3

    Looks a good job there mate... look identical to the option’s from Audi! Nice work :icon thumright:
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  7. Behind The Bins

    Behind The Bins Well-Known Member

    What a complete bargain and if you scuff an alloy you know where to go
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  8. PhillW

    PhillW Member

    Great job. This is something I will definitely consider.
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  9. Keithm

    Keithm New Member

    Nice wheels
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  10. Behind The Bins

    Behind The Bins Well-Known Member

    Where did you have your wheels refurbished?
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  11. AudiNutta

    AudiNutta Well-Known Member Sportback Team Racing Blue Mica Audi RS3 quattro

    Love your Car, Cardiff.
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  13. illingworth22

    illingworth22 Active Member Team Panther TFSI Owners Group Saloon saloon Audi RS3 Audi A3 quattro S tronic DSG


    These look the ****** nuts
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  14. BadBoyWhiteRaps

    BadBoyWhiteRaps Member

    1) They look phenomenal, for sure. A really good job.

    2) Diamond cut are still a pain in the ***. I had the tiniest nick on my GTI and it spread to this massive cobweb looking blemish on the wheel. I'll be opting for black wheels in the near future.

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