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Had my Battery inspected today

jrumball Mar 14, 2019

  1. jrumball

    jrumball Well-Known Member Sportback Audi A3 etron Cosmos Blue

    At my 30k service I asked if they had a battery condition report as I was concerned my battery had lost a significant amount of capacity as my electric range averages 24-22 miles then drops after 0.5mile to 19miles and my average consumption is 54.3 mpg which is a third of the 166mpg advertised !

    The battery was inspected and tested in at MK Audi they said it would only take an hour so I waited. Turns out my battery is fine and has lost 2ah out of 25ah which equates to a 8% loss of capacity over 30k miles. This means that at that rate of loss, at 100k when the warranty expires (at my yearly millage I should hit before the 8 years is up) I will have lost 6.66ah or a 27% capacity loss which is just shy of the 30% needed to have battery replaced under warranty. This assumes a constant loss figure , batteries don't always decline with a linear curve.... So I may end up with a replacement at this level of degradation.

    The cell voltages were all the same which is good as it means the car is wearing the battery evenly. They all read 3.67v and I count 96 cells giving 352v which is bang in the middle of what the pack should provide 280v-390v (the car was at about 50% charge when I took it in) . Interestingly if you then figure out the capacity in kWh it comes out to 8.8kWh at this voltage which is the quoted capacity of the pack. The useable figure is only quoted at 7kWh

    (I may of done some maths wrong here.....)

    So it looks like the loss figure is probably accurate given rounding errors etc...

    So with a battery that is in manufacture spec on a car that is still in warranty I am filling to get even slightly close to the quoted figures I was sold the car on .I realise there are lots of other factors involved but 1/3 of the quoted figure is not acceptable.

    I really do wonder how they got to a 30mile range and 166mpg figures ! I have never had a car which the consumption is so different to the manufacture quoted figures......

    In summary it looks like the technology is good and working as intended, just that what I was sold as far as range and consumption was greatly over estimated...

    Anyone else had one of these reports done ?


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  3. kam_2000

    kam_2000 New Member

    This is really interesting information. My battery normally gives me between 18-21 miles if I drive very carefully with little braking, little/no heating or red lights! Which drops to 14-16mils if I use any of those functions more than 10% of the drive! This is of course disappointing from my e-torn.

    My average MPG over 9000miles is 76MPG, however I charge it daily (sometimes twice) and most my journeys are sub 30miles.

    I’ll go get this Check done too and post my figures on here soon!
  4. jrumball

    jrumball Well-Known Member Sportback Audi A3 etron Cosmos Blue

    I posted this in this on www.speakEV.com too and got some interesting answers to why the manufacture figures are what they are .....


    I do have a complaint with Audi over these at the moment and not sure if I'm getting anywhere with them. I've had dealers confirm that they have had a lot of disappointed customers of Q7s too..... Annoying as I really like the car otherwise some one on another forum described the relationship with the car as "It's complicated" =)
  5. Russ in Houston

    Russ in Houston New Member

    Not sure where you're getting your expected figures. The only thing I saw was 83mpge which is a baseline number used for comparing with similar cars, not what I should expect to get. I have a short commute so I travel back and forth to work each day on battery, around 15-20 miles (depending on lunch trips). It's been fairly consistent over the three years I've had the car. My fuelly average is 127mpg over 27k miles. When I figure the cost of electricity, I figure I'm getting around 55-60 mpge. I don't really drive to save though. I could probably do better, but where's the fun in that? I like this car because I can drive it like I want to and still save on gas.

    Thanks for the tip on the battery report. I have a service coming up later this fall and I'll ask about that report.
  6. jrumball

    jrumball Well-Known Member Sportback Audi A3 etron Cosmos Blue

    There are very big differences in the way the car was advertised as far as consumption between NA and EU also it’s hard to compare imperial MPG to US MPG and MPGe .... Sufi e to say my car doesn’t even get a 1/3rd of the 168uk mpg that was advertised to me when I bought the car ....
  7. oldoiler

    oldoiler Member

    I to have concerns my electric miles wouldn’t get over 22m even in the hot spell we had. Had the car serviced at 68k and asked them to check the battery packs-no problem found (within manufacturers tolerance) and since it’s come back I now get 26 electric miles and at a cooler temperature @?!@
    It’s a lovely car but I will get rid of it before the 8yr warranty expires and I still have concerns as to “are they really environmentally friendly “ when you consider the battery pack materials used and how will these be recycled (most Audi dealers cannot handle pack removal and don’t have the special return handling packages that make them safe in transit)

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