Had a bump in my A3 leaving me with a dent on the wheel arch.


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Yeah, as above.

I've got an '08 A3 S-Line in Black

I am gutted! The car is immaculate, well... Was.


I've seen this on ebay;

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Pre-painted, i'm thinking, is this too good to be true?
Obviously its not OEM, but will it look ok, fit allright?

If anyone has ideas of costs to sort this out by other means, please let me know.



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I doubt the paint match would be great to be honest. I'd rather get a replacement panel from a breakers and then have it painted properly.

Shouldnt be any more than £150 to have it painted + the cost of the panel


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Take it to a local bodyshop, I had a similar crease on the rear arch (worse actually) and they got it out no problem.


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about 150 for a damaged panel


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about 150 for a damaged panel

Wouldn't been about that yeh. They buffed up the whole car, removed a few scratches and scrapes and refurb'd the wheels for £500, wouldn't say they were amazing but next closest quote was over £1k!


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I had the same thing a few years ago when a lady reversed out in a car park without looking. It was a dent on the arch on drivers side and a few scratches on the headlamp. It shouldn't be a big job for a decent bodyshop and may even be able to knock out dent and repaint. Of course i went through her insurance so had no visibility of cost but the upside was i got a Mercedes CLS turbo diesel as a courtesy car! lol Dont worry mate your car should be restored back to its original condition easily at a good bodyshop.


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Had a similar dent. Took it to a local body shop. They charged £220. Results were excellent.


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Thats repairable by a decent body shop .
Shouldn't need a new wing, though it's an option if your prefer.

Pattern (non Gen) parts often don't fit as perfectly without adjustment and fiddling.
At least repairing it your not risking panel gaps etc.
That said, don't just rule them out for that. I'll most likely be getting a non gen bonnet, as people want silly money, or are other side of the country.


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Shouldnt even have to go in to the door to be honest as most darker cars dont need blending ,if the car is decent condition and the paint has been looked after there shouldnt be any colour problems