For Sale H&R 5mm & 10mm Centre Bore Adapting Spacers (57.1 - 66.5) + H&R Bolt set. Ideal for installing A4/A5/A6/A7/Q7 Alloys on to 57.1 CB cars (TT/A3 etc)


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Jun 30, 2014
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Hi all,

I'm selling a set of H&R spacers and H&R bolts (including locking bolts). I used these to install 19" A5 Rotors onto my old TTs. The results were excellent, the stance was great and the rotors really suit the Mk3 TT! See here for full details of the install. You'd obviously need to consider the ET of the new wheels to ensure they'll fit correctly on your car setup.

The set is in excellent condition, having only been on the car for a couple of thousand miles before removal.

The set includes

2 x 5mm H&R spacer (part number 1055571665)
2 x 10mm H&R spacer (part number 2055571665)
8 x H&R 35mm extending wheel bolts & 2 x 35mm extending locking bolts (for use with 5mm spacers)
8 x H&R 37mm extending wheel bolts & 2 x 37mm extended locking bolts (for use with 10mm spacers)





Standard Audi bolts are 27mm. The 35mm bolts are 3mm longer than they necessarily need to be, but this is was within tolerance on my TT and didn't cause any issues with bolts fouling the hub. However I'd recommend double checking to be 100% sure if installing on a different car.

I insisted on getting the H&R locking bolts as they have the same circumference as the original locking bolts meaning you can use the standard locking bolt caps/covers.

This is an ideal set of spacers for those that might want to install a set of 66.5 centre bore alloys. These spacers give great stance and eliminate the need for spigot rings. If you have any questions please feel to ask!

See picture below for pictures of the A5 rotors installed on my old TTs using this setup.



This set is well in excess of £230 to buy new, I'm looking for £125 delivered or £115 collected from the Bromley Kent area.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!