GVU Gearbox


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Sorry to jump on this thread but don’t the later boxes already have the shim fitted?
I know that these shims can only be fitted to gearboxes with the removable black plastic cap but I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that the later boxes had this shim fitted from the factory?
I ask as my car (built November ‘06) is on 188K miles and the gearbox is still perfect.
If it doesn’t I’d fit the shim as preventative maintenance , if it already has it then perhaps that’s why it’s so good!
Does anyone know the date when they began factory fitting this shim?

Robin Chandler

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Thanks for your help, I just fitted the shim and gear selection has improved dramatically. Clutch pedal also feels better! I don't know why. Would this be because it sorts out the play on the clutch itself?