Guys, need a little help from the pro's

J Eyo

Polo GTI (6) R
So, audi S3 8L BAM motor, was over revving between gears, (fixed with new clutch switch) has mildly erratic idle, (can get worse if i drive hard) throttle body seems to want to rev itself after pushing the car hard (revs don't drop off fast, sort of bounces up and down until it reaches its normal slightly erratic idle state) and first thing in the morning, the electronic "choke" (if there is one?) is on so hard, when I pop the car in reverse it accelerates pretty hard without even touching the accelerator pedal, enough that I could probably actually drive the car for a minute without touching the accelerator at all. (And fuel consumption Im sure is down by about 100-150km per tank) I replaced my clutch switch and boom, over revving between gear changes gone! But! Every other symptom remains. Im am about 90% sure I don't have a boost leak, (from all the modifications done, most of the boost system has been checked) is my throttle body dead? Heeeelp! (The only code I get is pressure drop between intake and throttle body)


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That means there's a leak between the turbo and TB. Check it again and check the clamps on the hoses.. Perform a TB alignment and see what happens..