Gutted.... Kerbed it.


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Just wondered anyone else had my misfortune yet with the ice..
As my job involves walking the streets every day.. (postman), i have wittnessed loads of cars whaking kerbs in this snow/ice we are having and thought ,oh no glad ive never done that..i would be devastated having 4 perfect rs6 youve guessed it today 5mph sideways slide into one of those nasty kerbs like a cliff edge and gouged 1/3 of the rim right mess,dont know whether to go refurb or look for another wheel.Urrgh.


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pics?, ill tell you if its repairable


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Bad luck :( I almost had a similar incident last year...thankfully still had my original factory-fit 17s with their higher profile tyres, so was able to turn square to the kerb at the last minute and bump up it instead of smacking side on. I don't think my 18s would've survived it though! I hope you get the car looking good again without forking out tooo many pennies.


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That is exactly how i wrote my Golf off in Feb this year! sideways soo hard that it bent the chassis :s


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Yep, did the same in mine the other day. Was just having a bit of fun with the quattro and the rear left wheel just touched a kerb, scraped the outer rim. Didn't hit it hard enough to bend anything but annoying as I still have the BBS CH's on it :(


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Ditto - same thing. Nice 5" kerbing on both wheels last year..... Hit quite hard and was sure something had bent but had tracking done and inspected and all was fine!!

Guy at work wrote a 9-3 off doing the same.....