Gutted - Help with Touch up Sepeng Blue


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I am gutted, I managed to pick up a stone chip over the weekend, I know it is inevitable but upset isnt the word.
I called a dealer this morning who have kindly told me that Audi dont do a Touch up for Sepang Blue, does anyone know if thats right? I thought yes it may be rarer than some colours but pressumed as it is a R8 colour then it would / should be available.

I have seen a few places online like paints4u but really wanted a proper audi colour as I am dubious whether they would get the colour to match.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.


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I've got the scratchmaster kit from paints4u, colour match is perfect, give them your paint code and they'll match it for you...


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I've also had some paint from them, Paints 4U. Having painted my back bumper and also blended in some stone chips along the front bumper, both matched beautifully, someone then reversed into the back of the car..... ANOTHER can of paint, and another very good match. Can't fault them and definitely worth a try. Helpful on the phone too, it needed a bit of persistance to actually get them on the phone as I guess they are pretty busy but once I managed it very helpful!