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GTi MK 5 Oil pressure probs

Clart Apr 20, 2019

  1. Clart

    Clart Audi S3 Section Mod

    Just bought a MK 5 GTi absolutely love it!
    Drove it home on Monday 180 miles no issues, been driving it all week no probs but on Friday it started playing up. After a spirited drive and it warmed up the oil pressure warning light came on and it said STOP.
    Checked the oil and there is oil in there, so I continued on my way. It drives fine, but once up to temperature it comes back. What come it be people? Oil pick up pipe need doing?
    Is Bill open today? I might pop and see him.
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  3. m_voong

    m_voong New Member

    Yes - most likely the oil pick up pipe needs cleaning out.

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