GT4: Best cars in class


What is your opinion on the best:

FF class
MR class
FR class

Given say a budget of 100,000 Cr, but no mods?

I wont bother with 4WD as there are too many to mention....

Also - anyone got a REALLY fast Skyline? I've bought a shedload but can't seem to get them to be all that quick, which is the best base car to start with?



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An old thread yes, but I can't belive nobody replied on the subject of the best console driving game ever.

My personal bests are:

FF - Ford Focus RS
MR - Lotus Elise
FR - Mercedes E55 AMG

If you want a fast Nissan Skyline go for any of the Nismo specials or the daddy, Mines tuned R34. :anbet: