Grrrr thermostats!


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Right just a word of warning here as i changed my thermostat less than 2500 miles ago as the original one wasnt closing fully so i bought one from eurocarparts. It look perfectly good in comparrisson to the original one removed and was half the price of an OEM one from the stealers.

So changed it and its been fine until a couple of days ago the car wouldnt get up to 90 degrees it would try and then fall back down. Now its not even moving off the 60 degree mark at all. I had scanned the car so was pretty sure it wasnt the engine temp sensor so i bit the bullet and bought an OEM thermostat and o ring from the stealers for £26 and went to work changing it over.

I got the ECP stat out of the car and can instantly see the problem was the the locator pin that holds the stat central was out of the hole it sits in and therefore could not close properly.

So new OEM stat is in along with G12 and the car is now sitting at 90 degrees again.

So will be taking the faulty stat back to ECP for a refund along with the 5 lires of G12 i bought from them and i shall also try to get something out of them for the time wasted in fitting another stat within 2500 miles.

rant over :)


Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!
Dont expect much in the way of a re imbursement for wasted time!

Nah i`m not really but will defo use it when i complain to them about the shoddy standard of their supposed high quality replacement parts. Just lucky that it is a job i can do myself and not have to pay for labour at a garage to do it.


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I personally allways go for OEM rather than aftermarket stuff, stories like this my main reason, plus i'll put the receipt in the car folder aswell as its all documentation for resale


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I had my s3 in for a stat change. They put a 'first line' part on and it made no difference. Took it back put oe standard one on now its spot on


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I've had too many issues now with non OEM parts and have now learnt my lesson. I always go OEM now and I see the extra money I'm spending on OEM as "hassle free tax" :)